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About the Online Medical Clinic

Medica-Help has been established in Germany to connect patients in Arabic countries to specialized doctors in Germany in order to get online medical advice. That makes it easier for the patients to get recommendations from German doctors, hospitals, and clinics regarding their medical conditions and be aware about the advanced medical options in Germany.

We help you to get a medical second opinion from highly skilled expert doctors in Germany. Medica-Help connects patients to the specialized doctor in Germany to provide best online medical consulting. We speak your language - fluent in Arabic, English and German.


Most of the doctors speak Arabic fluently as well as German  and/or English and are highly motivated to consult you during your medical journey. 

Medica-Help helps also the patients who are seeking for an on-site treatment in Germany to find the specialized hospital and support all the required arrangements.

The specialized doctors will analyze your medical case, evaluate your diagnosis and advise you for the right therapy. You will get connected to the doctor directly and be able to ask your questions. Afterwards you will get a medical report explaining the second opinion and recommendations. Please check here how it works in more details.



Why second opinion:

  • Information: You get more knowledge about your condition and your medical options. You are more equipped to make informed decisions that may have long-term consequences.

  • Trust: Help to gain more confidence that your diagnosis is appropriate

    • Proper execution of studies and tests

    • Correct diagnosis as interpretation of the studies and tests and consideration of different diagnosis

    • Ensuring that no further tests are required for clarification

  • Time: Get a quick second opinion without any need to wait for a new appointment at a different specialist doctor

  • More Options: 

    • Ensuring the most appropriate and optimal recommended treatment plan
    • Showing different possibilities of treatment

    • Eliminating risk of unnecessary invasive procedures or surgery

  • Medica-Help

Connecting you to Doctors in Germany 

Senior Consultant in

Cardiology & Cardiovascular Medicine

Senior Consultant in Orthopedics and Head of Department for Foot & Ankle

Senior Consultant in Gynecology

and Breast Cancer Surgery

Senior Consultant in Endovascular

and Vascular Surgery

Senior Consultant in Uro-Oncology

and Urology

Senior Consultant in

General Thoracic Surgery

And more Specialties & Doctors from Germany. Contact us to know more.

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By using our site, you agree to the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy. Medica-Help is not a medical service provider, but helps you to receive medical advice through connecting you to specialized doctors in Germany. The information or services on this site and the second opinion report are designed only to support, and not to replace any relationship between the patient or site user and his/her doctor.

Legal Information & Impressum

باستخدام موقعنا ، فإنك توافق على الشروط والأحكام/سياسة الخصوصية . يوفر موقع Medica-Help الدعم عن طريق خدمة الإستشارات الطبية عن بُعد. جميع المعلومات الواردة في هذا الموقع بما فيها تقرير الرأي الثاني مصممة فقط لغرض دعم ، وليس استبدال ، العلاقة القائمة بين المريض / زائرالموقع والطبيب الحالي.

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